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We base our prices on this and check it regularly to keep our prices up to date and competitive. Why not put the money towards something new, we offer great deals on part-exchanges and trade-ins. Come into any of our Gold Arts Stores and show us the jewellery in person or Contact Us online. Our FAQ section below has lots of information and we are happy to answer enquiries via email. Free Delivery Some customers ask us why we don’t offer “free delivery” on bullion. We recently asked our customers what they would prefer and the results were surprising. Bitcoin and Gold The debate over gold and Bitcoin can get heated at times.

sell metal coin

First, always make sure you are buying from a reputable dealer. Second, be sure to understand the product that you are buying. Gold can come in many different forms, so make sure you know what you are getting before you purchase. Gold is a valuable commodity and should be treated as such.

Post 2012 UK Britannia 1oz Silver Coin

We use the latest technology in the market to test and buy your gold without damaging your items. You have no obligation to sell to us unless you are happy with our quote. Visit us today to get the highest Gold Value and Prices on other valuable items such as Diamonds, Watches and Gemstones. We are renowned Hatton Garden Metal Buyers which is Based in London. Once you’ve decided to sell your rare collectable coins, your priority is getting a reasonable price for them.

Don’t worry if you’ve got lots of them, our coin sorting machines help us quickly determine a price. For pre-decimal silver coins you can now sell online with our Pre-Decimal Calculator – more on that below. If you’re happy with our price we can pay you the same day, either by bank transfer or in cash. For larger collections it might take us a little longer to provide a comprehensive and accurate valuation. As far as possible we will work to provide you with a figure within 24 hours.

Panda Coins – Gold and Silver

We’ll get you cash fast for British gold like Britannias as well as South African Krugerrands and US Eagles and more. Whether your coins are ancient or modern, gold or silver, perfect condition or a bit rough round the edges, we can help you sell them fast. In our experience, a commemorative coins’ value usually lies in the fact it’s a collectable item. These coins could still be used as money in economic emergencies or if the monetary system collapses.

  • Competitive pricing, simple, straightforward ordering and free postage.
  • The coin’s premium will be between the low premium of a normal bullion coin and the potentially very high premium on a certified and graded numismatic coin.
  • Whether you’re looking to sell silver coins such as Britannia, Krugerrands, Maples or any other coin from your collection, prices vary depending on the coin.
  • That’s why we encourage anyone looking to sell coins to visit our premises in Royal Wootton Bassett.
  • Other than that, we also provide you with competitive rates so that you can easily compare and choose the best and most reasonable prices according to what you feel right.
  • Please include your telephone number in each parcel and the banking information you wish us to make the payment.

We all have jewellery we don’t wear, so why not bring it into one of our shops in Brighton, Chichester or Eastbourne? You’d be surprised how much money you could get for your unwanted or broken jewellery and spare gold. The Bank of Canada Hoard When the Canadian government unloaded how to buy metal coin their gold reserves, the only coins spared were a batch of coins, which had been forgotten about for nearly a century. Fijian Coins The first coins issued for Fiji were in 1934 when Fiji was under British administration, and naturally used the old British pre-decimal system.

Silver Gold Bull

Once you make a purchase, you’ll be able to choose from several storage and insurance plans. Based in Dallas, is an exclusively online retailer of silver, gold and other precious metals. With a wide selection of products, it is one of the best places to buy silver coins online from state mints and private mints. The other reason is worth checking out is because of its customer service, which includes in-house bullion experts who you can consult with on your investment. This is definitely one question that can’t accurately be answered online or over the phone. It’s essential to view the actual coin to establish its precise value. Undoubtedly many gold and silver coins have implicit value, which means their value is at the very least equivalent to the weight of precious metal.

  • The semi-numismatic coins we focus on here would be pre-1933 European coins, from the 19th century and early 20th century.
  • We hope you appreciate that this is the fairest way to give you the best price.
  • Of course, we most want to buy what we can expect to sell for the best prices.
  • Magazine’s list of the 500 Fastest Growing Companies in the United States.
  • Buy Gold and Silver Coins is one of the largest and most trusted precious metals dealers in the US.

Gold Price Calculatorthe amount we pay when you sell your Jewellery with London Gold Centre, the top Hatton Garden metal buyer. The Gold price calculator gives the 9ct gold price per gram based on the gold price today, which is our scrap gold price. The two main criteria to estimate your scrap gold are the weight and the purity. On the one hand, you have the purity which determines the amount of gold present within your item.

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One thing to keep in mind is that the price of silver can vary significantly from one dealer to another. So it’s important to shop around and compare prices before making a purchase. Silver is also seen as a safe haven, although perhaps not as safe as gold.

This is in massive contrast to Cash4Gold who when they received the gold made a derisory offer only to then try and renegotiate. Don’t bother taking or sending your gold anywhere else – London Gold Centre in my opinion are “The Real Deal”! Gold coins can be worth a whole lot more than some dealers will have you believe. They’re definitely ”worth their weight in gold” buy if they are collectable, they tend to be worth more than their melt value to the right collector. Nowadays, the easiest and most convenient way to sell coins online is to conduct an online appraisal. It comes as no surprise that 80% of our customers choose this option.

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After all, they’re an attractive item to have on display. Non-circulating commemorative coins are particularly sought after by collectors due to their aesthetic appeal or rarity value. Non-circulating commemorative coins are particularly sought after and treasured by collectors for their aesthetic appeal or rarity value. Most large Post Offices will offer to cash in commemorative coins if you really want to dispose of them in this way. Here at London Gold Centre, we provide the best price when you want to sell your diamonds in Hatton Garden. Compare the prices before you contact us if you wish be we can beat any prices to purchase your jewellery in London. LGH guarantee the prices which we will quote you will be the highest in the industry.

sell metal coin

If in doubt about the purity of your jewellery simply bring them in for a no-obligation assessment and valuation. Of course, we most want to buy what we can expect to sell for the best prices.

Numismatic coins therefore trade amongst collectors based on market expectations as to their future value. GMCoin’s attention to service and detail has made many friends from coin collectors to coin dealers alike. With a wide range of products to choose from, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for! If you require assistance, GMCoins Coin dealers UK will provide you with expert guidance. Often paying a fraction of the price of gold sovereigns to sell on for much more.

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